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New Italian Cinema
The Properties of Metals
Australian Premiere
All Ages (exemption)

The Properties of Metals

Le proprietà dei metalli

Set in an idyllic small village in the Italian mountains in the 1970s, The Properties of Metals follows Pietro (wonderful newcomer Martino Zaccara), a child raised by his surly widowed father (Antonio Buíl, The Inner Cage IFF22). While Pietro spends his days playing with other local children and his younger brother, his father attempts to unburden the family from their debts. 

One day Pietro begins to manifest mysterious gifts – he can bend metal simply with his mind. Soon word spreads beyond their small village, but people are divided in their belief of him. When a university professor starts visiting Pietro to study him, the experiments will lead the child towards an invisible world where the unquestionable laws of physics collide with the deepest human desires. 

Inspired by the 1970s televised performances of Israeli-British illusionist Uri Gellar, who appeared to bend keys and spoons with a single touch, and the phenomenon of Minigellers, children who imitated Gellar’s illusions, this is a poetic feature film debut written and directed by Antonio Bigini, in which hope and belief collide.

Bigini has a knack for Italian neorealism, as he curates an eerie atmosphere and directs great performances.
Loud and Clear Reviews
2023 | 93 min | Drama, Family | Italy
Cast: David Pasquesi, Antonio Buil Pueyo, Martino Zaccara, Edoardo Marcucci, Enzo Vetrano, Cristiana Raggi, Marco Cavalcoli
Language: Italian with English subtitles, English
Antonio Bigini


Born in 1980, Antonio Bigini started out as a production assistant, before debuting as a writer and documentary director. His writing works include Anita (2012) and Seaside Holidays (2013). Since 2014 he has worked with the Cineteca di Bologna as associate curator. The Properties of Metals is his feature film debut.

Generation Kplus, Berlin International Film Festival 2023 (Nominee – Crystal Bear Best Film)