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The Genius of Gianni Versace Alive
Australian Premiere

The Genius of Gianni Versace Alive

Filmed in Gianni Versace’s salubrious mansion in Miami Beach, where every object is a separate work of art, this feature-length documentary explores the genius of the Italian fashion icon. 

Celebrating the extraordinary life and career of the influential Italian fashion designer, from his birth in the city of Reggio Calabria, Italy on 2 December 1946, where he grew up with his elder brother Santo and younger sister Donatella, with their father and dressmaker mother, through to the building of his Versace empire. 

Through archival material, the confessions of friends and former colleagues, and the showcasing of his many extraordinary homes including his Miami Beach Palazzo, the Casa Casuarina, a portrait of an inspired designer emerges. 

One of the first designers to link fashion to the music world and always treading the line between classic and modern, Versace redefined the way we perceive fashion and clothing. This directorial debut of former Versace model Salvatore Zannino propels us into the world of Versace and tells an intimate story of a man who believed in personal expression.

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Bring(s) the genius of the Italian fashion giant to life.
2022 | 93 min | Documentary | United States
Cast: Eric Etebari, Kimberly Bacardi, Jon Bon Jovi, Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford, Gianni Versace
Language: English
Salvatore Zannio


An Italian American actor, director and producer, Salvatore ‘Vincent De Paul’ Zannio is a two-time Emmy winner as a producer on the television series The Bay (2010). He has appeared in the films Hitch, Poseidon and Silver Case. The Genius of Gianni Versace Alive is his debut documentary feature as a director.

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