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New Italian Cinema
The Circle
Australian Premiere

The Circle

Il cerchio

Who are today’s children? What do they think and what do they manage to grasp of the adult world? 

Winner of Best Documentary at the 2023 David di Donatello Awards, writer/director Sophie Chiarello attempts to answer these questions by going direct to the source – the children themselves. 

For five years with her camera, Chiarello follows the pupils of a primary school class in a multi-ethnic neighbourhood. Using the practice of ‘circle time’, where sitting in a circle on the floor, students, the teacher and the director speak on a regular basis over the five years, creating a space for non-judgmental listening and a personal time for sharing. 

Director Chiarello lowers her gaze to child height to capture their point of view of the world, The Circle is a portrait of childhood in which today’s Italy is reflected. Disarming and genuine, this is not a documentary about children, but rather a reflection on the formation of our society, in a space where children listen and grow.

Excellent editing and storytelling.
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2022 | 108 min | Documentary | Italy
Language: Italian with English subtitles
Sophie Chiarello


Born and raised in France, Sophie Chiarello began her career in television, before moving on to cinema and advertising. As an assistant director, she worked for Massimo Venier, Edoardo Winspeare and Giuseppe Piccioni. After writing and directing three shorts, a feature and a documentary, The Circle is her second documentary.

Best Documentary, David di Donatello Awards 2023
Corso Salani Award: Best Movie, Trieste Film Festival 2023
Valentina Pedicini Award, Nastro D’Argento Awards 2023