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New Italian Cinema
Australian Premiere
All Ages (exemption)


Noi anni luce

Featuring two rising stars of Italian cinema, Carolina Sala and Rocco Fasano, this coming-of-age adventure which premiered at the famed Giffoni Film Festival to a glowing response, follows two young people who learn to enjoy and find meaning in their lives in an unknown world. 

Seventeen-year-old Elsa (Sala) feels invincible and has her whole future ahead of her. She has only just begun to live her teenage years when during a race, she collapses.Suddenly, she discovers that her future is precarious as she needs a bone marrow transplant immediately. The only compatible donor has been on the run since before she was born, is someone she’s never met and whose name she doesn’t even know: a criminal perhaps, a wanted man most certainly - her father.

But thanks to her new friend Edo (Fasano), an outgoing and irreverent boy around her age, Elsa decides to go on a road trip adventure in search of her father. While Elsa and Edo seem to have almost nothing in common, the journey they embark on together will change their lives forever.

Cleverly combines elements of comedy and drama to give us a story full of authentic emotions and feelings
L’occhio del Cineasta
2023 | 103 min | Drama | Italy
Cast: Carolina Sala, Rocco Fasano, Caterina Guzzanti, Fabio Troiano
Language: Italian with English subtitles
Tiziano Russo


Born in Nardò in 1985, Tiziano Russo has recently completed filming the ten episodes of the fifth season of SKAM Italy. Over the last fifteen years, he has directed short films, documentaries, commercials and music videos. He has directed music videos for artists like Ghali, Francesco Gabbani and Negramaro.

Giffoni Film Festival 2023