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New Italian Cinema
Australian Premiere



Jasmine Trinca delivers a standout performance as an Italian journalist kidnapped by ISIS, and the relationship she forms with her keeper, a foreign fighter who was radicalised in London, in this engrossing drama. 

Sara (Trinca) is an Italian journalist who is reporting in Syria on the war against the Islamic State. Nur (Isabella Nefar) is a young foreign fighter, the wife of a jihadist, who lives in a training camp. When Sara is kidnapped by ISIS and taken prisoner, as a woman she is considered inferior to men and cannot be locked up in a prison alongside them. So, she is entrusted to the care of Nur, whose home becomes Sara’s prison and Nur her jailer. 

As the days go by, relations become more and more tense between the two, with their dynamic based on silences, blackmail, and manipulation. Although Nur is the only person Sara can interact with somewhat freely, she is also attempting to convert Sara to Islam and join ISIS. As bombs explode around them, and in the face of psychological warfare, how long can Sara resist?

Alessio Cremonini stages an interesting verbal and ideological duel.
2023 | 106 min | Drama | Italy
Cast: Jasmine Trinca, Isabella Nefar, Ziad Bakri, Omar El- Saeidi, Deniz Ozdogan, Marco Horanieh
Language: Italian, Arabic, English with English subtitles
Alessio Cremonini


Born in Rome in 1973, Alessio Cremonini began his film career as an assistant director to Ettore Scola on the film The Dinner. After his 2013 debut film Border, in 2018 he wrote and directed his second feature On My Skin, which won four David di Donatello Awards that year.

Best Actress, Nastro d’Argento Awards 2023
Noir in Festival 2022