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Rome, 1976. Valerio (Mattia Garaci) is ten years old and has a vivid imagination. When he witnesses, together with his mother Gina (Barbara Ronchi, Feel Your Memories IFF20), the attack on his father Alfonso (Pierfrancesco Favino in his Venice Film Festival Best Actor-winning role, The Traitor IFF20) by a terrorist group, his childhood is turned upside down.

From that moment on, fear and a sense of vulnerability leave a dramatic mark on the feelings of the whole family. But it is in those difficult days that Valerio gets to know Christian (Francesco Gheghi), a boy not much older than him. Solitary, rebellious and bold, he seems to have appeared out of nowhere. Their encounter in a summer full of discoveries will change their lives forever.

The social turmoil of Italy’s ‘Years of Lead’ are at the heart of writer-director Claudio Noce’s semi-autobiographical third feature Padrenostro, a personal story inspired by his own family trauma that views the harsh adult world from a child’s perspective.

A deep dive into a director’s subconscious.
The Guardian
Australian Premiere
18+ (exemption)
2020 | 120 min | Drama | Italy | Italian with English subtitles
Claudio Noce
Pierfrancesco Favino, Barbara Ronchi, Mattia Garaci, Francesco Gheghi
Venice Film Festival 2020, Best Actor, La Pellicola d'Oro Award
Nastro d'Argento Awards 2021, Best Original Story
David di Donatello Awards 2021, Best Cinematography, Best Photography
Nastro d'Argento Awards 2021, Best Actor, Best Sound
Venice Film Festival 2020, Best Film
Chicago International Film Festival 2020, Best Feature
Venice Film Festival 2020
Claudio Noce

Director: Claudio Noce

Born in Rome in 1975, Claudio Noce is a director and screenwriter. Starting out in the late 1990s, Noce began filming short movies and documentaries. His breakthrough short film Aria (2005) won a David di Donatello Award, Nastro d’Argento Silver Ribbon and European Film Award, while his critically acclaimed first feature film, Good Morning Aman (2009), official selection at the 2009 Venice International Film Festival won the FICE award (Italian Federation of Cinema d'Essai) for "Breakthrough Directing". Following his second feature The Ice Forest (2014), Padrenostro is his third feature film. 

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