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New Italian Cinema
My Soul Summer
Australian Premiere

My Soul Summer

Set during an unforgettable summer in Calabria, Fabio Mollo’s third feature My Soul Summer is a musical coming-of-age tale that marks the big screen debut of 2020 Italian X Factor winner Casadilego. 

A shy and insecure seventeen-year-old girl, Anita (Casadilego) feels different from her peers but has no true sense of who she is. In a summer by the sea, instead of spending her days with other teens on the beach enjoying the holiday fun, Anita prefers to study the piano to prepare for an exam at the Conservatory. 

Next door to her lives Vins (Tommaso Ragno), a legendary rock star with a turbulent past. Vins recognises her special talent and encourages Anita to discover another way of experiencing music. Finding a voice that she did not even know she had, she also meets Vittore, a shy boy different from all the others. During her Soul Summer, a time unlike any other, Anita discovers herself, her talent and her true passion: music.

An enthralling, engaging film.
2022 | 115 min | Drama, Music | Italy
Cast: Tommaso Ragno, Casadilego, Agnese Claisse, Luka Zunic, Anna Ferzetti, Lunetta Savino
Language: Italian with English subtitles
Fabio Mollo


Born in 1980, Fabio Mollo graduated from the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia in Rome in 2007. His works, including South is Nothing (2013) and There Is a Light (2017) have been selected at the Berlin, Toronto and Venice International Film Festivals. Since 2015 he has taught Film Directing at the Rome University of Fine Arts.

Rome Film Fest: Alice Nella Città 2022
Festival du Cinema Italien de Bastia 2023
Prix Serge Leca, Ajaccio Italian Film Festival 2022