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New Italian Cinema
My Shadow is Your Shadow
Australian Premiere
18+ (exemption)

My Shadow is Your Shadow

La mia ombra è tua

Giuseppe Maggio and Marco Giallini star as an odd couple who embark on a road trip across Italy in an old jeep in this entertaining generational comedy, based on Edoardo Nesi’s eponymous novel.

Emiliano (Maggio) is a twenty-five-year-old who has just graduated with honours in Ancient Literature, while Vittorio (Giallini) is a gruff sixty-year-old writer who has been leading a hermit’s life in a farmhouse in Florence following the publication of his only book, which was a worldwide success. 

The two make their way to Milan on a journey full of adventures and quarrels, all the way to a retro fair where Vittorio has agreed to give a speech, breaking over twenty years of silence, catching the attention of all of Italy and eagerly followed live on social media. 

Awaiting them at the fair in Milan are Milena, the author’s great love, and an enormous crowd eager to hear Vittorio come to terms with his past. Under the gaze of the country and gripped by nostalgia, he is lost in self-remembering.

Halfway between a comedy and a road movie.
L’occhio del cineasta
2022 | 107 min | Comedy, Drama | Italy
Cast: Marco Giallini, Giuseppe Maggio, Anna Manuelli, Isabella Ferrari
Language: Italian with English subtitles
Eugenio Cappuccio


Born in 1961, Eugenio Cappuccio studied film and television direction at the Centro sperimentale di cinematografia in Rome and was assistant director to Federico Fellini on Ginger and Fred (1986). A director and writer, he is known for co-directing Il caricatore (1996) and directing To Sleep Next to Her (2004).

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