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New Italian Cinema
Like Sheep Among Wolves
Australian Premiere

Like Sheep Among Wolves

Come percore in mezzo ai lupi

A gutsy undercover police agent, Vera (Isabella Ragonese) has infiltrated a dangerous Serbian crime syndicate in Rome’s criminal underworld. A fixer who procures materials, in particular weapons, for the clan, she has won the trust of its kingpins, while at the same time informing her bosses about the gang’s next moves. To survive in such an unforgiving world, Vera is forced to be tough and insensitive in the face of violence. 

All seems to be going as planned for a big upcoming heist, until she learns that her younger brother Bruno (Andrea Arcangeli) who she hasn’t seen in years is also mixed up with the syndicate. Caught on opposite sides of the barricade, old wounds will resurface, and the pair will have to make choices that will seriously jeopardise their goals. 

Combining a hard-boiled crime thriller with a family drama, Lyda Patitucci’s fierce, gripping feature debut Like Sheep Among Wolves is a story of revenge and redemption against the backdrop of a moody, dangerous Rome.

An atmospheric noir.
2023 | 100 min | Action, Crime, Drama | Italy
Cast: Isabella Ragonese, Andrea Arcangeli, Carolina Michelangeli, Gennaro Di Colandrea
Language: Italian with English subtitles
Lyda Patitucci


Director and producer Lyda Patitucci began her career in the film industry in Rome in digital video editing. Assistant director on several shorts, series and films, she was second unit director on The First King (2019) and co-director of the 2020 supernatural series Curon. Like Sheep Among Wolves is her first feature film.

International Film Festival Rotterdam 2023