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Retrospective - Massimo Troisi
I'm Starting From Three
18+ (exemption)

I'm Starting From Three

Ricomincio da tre

30-year-old Gaetano (Massimo Troisi) lives with his parents in Naples and works at a dead-end job. Frustrated with his mundane life and feeling trapped, he decides to make some changes. Gaetano's journey to start over from 'three' (the number three representing his age) takes him on a humorous and heartfelt exploration of self-discovery. Along the way, Gaetano encounters various eccentric characters that further enhance his vivid journey of self-discovery.  

Whilst the narrative focuses on Gaetano's newfound sense of freedom and responsibility, I’m Starting from Three captures the essence of Italian humour while also touching on themes of generational conflicts, personal growth, and the desire to break free from societal expectations. 

The debut film from Massimo Troisi, who also co-wrote and directed the film, achieved critical acclaim for his performance, displaying both comedic talent and depth in portraying Gaetano's emotional journey. I’m Starting from Three marked Troisi's breakthrough as a leading actor and paved the way for his successful career in Italian cinema. 

A must-see classic.
Salerno Travel
1981 | 110 min | Comedy | Italy
Cast: Massimo Troisi, Maria Grazia Cucinotta, Marco Messeri, Renato Scarpa
Language: Italian with English subtitles
Massimo Troisi

Massimo Troisi

Born in 1953 in San Giorgio a Cremano, actor, cabaret performer, screenwriter, and director Massimo Troisi’s acting career started in the theatre when he was 15. After becoming known on TV via the programs Non Stop and Luna Park in the 1970s, I'm Starting from Three (1981) was his debut film.

Best Film, Best Actor, David di Donatello Awards 1981