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19 SEPT - 9 OCT
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5 - 12 FEB 2013

The Immature: The Trip

(Immaturi, il viaggio)

Following up from Paolo Genovese’s highly successful 2011 box office hit The Immature (Immaturi), we return to the group of thirty-something former high-school friends, this time organising a dream trip to Greece that they never managed to take while at school.

Giorgio, Lorenzo, Piero, Luisa, Virgillio and Francesca reunite (with some new additions) to embark on what is intended to be a relaxing holiday to Greece and a chance to reconnect with one another. However, temptations are rife on the island, in more ways than one. Their relationships are tested as plans for the holiday become skewed. A mix of treacherous tequila, hazardous watermelons, unexpected ex-girlfriends, and a secret illness make for a balanced mix of humour and tenderness, all set in an idyllic location.

The star-studded cast includes Ambra Angiolini (The First Beautiful Thing), Raoul Bova (La nostra vita), Anita Caprioli (Corpo Celeste) and Slovakian-born Barbora Bobulova (A Family on the Verge, Manual of Love 2).