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5 - 12 FEB 2013

Love is in the Air

(Com'e' bello far l'amore)

Director/co-writer Fausto Brizzi’s Love is in the Air (Com’è bello far l'amore - literally translated as How beautiful to make love) is the saucy saga of a long-married couple whose non-existent sex life perks up when two porn stars become their house guests.

Couple Andrea and Giulia, an outwardly successful couple, are having problems in the bedroom. When Giulia invites Max, an old friend from high school, to stay in the family home with their teenage son, some new attitudes begin to form. Max in fact, works in the porn film industry, and has returned to Italy after working in LA. As Max’s stay progresses, he proceeds to give sex advice to each member of the family, resulting in hilarious and often embarrassing encounters!

Directed by Italy’s breakout commercial comedy director Fausto Brizzi (The Night Before Final Exams), Love is in the Air reveals the importance of keeping love alive while also being true to oneself.