Italian Film Festival Key Art
19 SEPT - 9 OCT
20 SEPT - 10 OCT
3 - 21 OCT
11 - 28 OCT
11 - 24 OCT
5 - 12 FEB 2013



An eastern European bricklayer looking for work is befriended by a young woman who has retreated into silence in Stefano Chiantini’s beautiful new drama set against the stunning backdrop of the Tremiti islands.

Undocumented émigré worker Ivan (Czech actor Ivan Franek, We Believed) is desperate for employment. One day his search takes him to a nearby island, where he finds himself stranded, penniless and unable to make his way back home to the dingy apartment he shares with his ailing father. Help arrives, almost magically, in the form of a mute young woman. Martina (Asia Argento) lives with gruff middle-aged priest, Don Enzo (Giorgio olangeli), who has raised her as a daughter. After taking shelter for the night, Ivan’s presence has a thawing effect on both prickly Enzo and reserved Martina.

Their relationships grow almost effortlessly: both the friendship between the old priest and the foreigner, and the romantic tension that develops between Ivan and Martina. As their lives intertwine, emotions are laid bare in this absorbing drama.

(Not screening in Canberra)