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All films open to patrons 18 years and over unless otherwise noted, please check film classification exemptions online and in newspaper ads during the festival.

Palace Nova Eastend Cinemas

Wednesday 13 October  Wednesday 20 October  Wednesday 27 October
7.30pmOpening Night:  6.30pm Kiss Me Again  6.30pm The White Space
La Nostra Vita  9.15pmA Matter Of Heart  9.15pmClosing Night:
            Bicycle Thieves
Thursday 14 October  Thursday 21 October    
6.30pmA Matter Of Heart  6.30pm Cosmonaut      
9.15pm Bets & Wedding Dresses  9.15pm The White Space     
Friday 15 October  Friday 22 October    
6.30pm Baarìa   6.30pm What More Do I Want     
9.15pmThe Right Thing  9.15pm Happy Family      
Saturday 16 October  Saturday 23 October    
11.30amRaise Your Head  11.00am The Man Who Will Come     
1.30pm The Cézanne Affair  1.15pmTen Winters     
4.00pm The First Beautiful Thing  3.45pmThe Front Line     
6.30pmLa Nostra Vita  6.30pm Sorry If I Want To Marry You     
9.15pm Happy Family   9.15pm The First Beautiful Thing     
Sunday 17 October   Sunday 24 October      
11.30am Ten Winters   11.00am Vittorio D.      
1.30pmThe Double Hour  1.15pm The Cézanne Affair      
4.00pmSpecial Event:  3.45pm Baarìa      
  Sorry If I Want To Marry You   6.30pm Loose Cannons    
6.30pm Love 14   9.15pm The Man Who Will Come      
9.15pm Draquila - Italy Trembles          
      Monday 25 October    
Monday 18 October   6.30pm Draquila Italy Trembles  
6.30pm Love 14  9.15pm The Double Hour      
9.15pm Kiss Me Again          
      Tuesday 26 October    
Tuesday 19 October  6.30pm Marriage & Other Disasters  
6.30pm Cosmonaut   9.15pm Bets & Wedding Dresses  
9.15pm Me, Them and Lara        


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