What Do You Know About Me

What Do You Know About Me (Di me cosa ne sai)

This is a provocative and entertaining documentary about Italian cinema, past and present. Director Valerio Jalongo examines the ups and downs Italian film industry's evolution through remarkable archive footage, newsreel, clips from film masterpieces and compelling interviews with directors such as Federico Fellini. He looks at the multiplex boom, developing technology, changing political regimes and film funding; and interviews just about every major Italian filmmaker currently working, including Francesca Comencini, Marco Bellocchio and Paolo Sorrentino. For anyone interested in Italian cinema, this is a must-see experience, as it puts the whole Italian film industry into a new frame of reference. (Not Screening in Adelaide, Canberra and Perth.)

Join us for Panel discussions presented by the Italian Institute of Culture in Melbourne, the Italian Institute of Culture in Sydney and Griffith University in Brisbane. See ticketing pages for details.

Director: Valerio Jalongo
Italy | 2009| 79' | 35mm

Panel Discussion

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