The Right Thing

The Right Thing (La cosa giusta)

In Marco Campogiani's touching debut film THE RIGHT THING, two mismatched police officers - an idealistic rookie and a hard-bitten veteran - are assigned to tail a Moroccan man who has just been released from jail but is still suspected of terrorism.

Duccio (the always wonderful Ennio Fantastichini, Fortapàsc, IFF09) is a disillusioned, no-nonsense, cop who is unimpressed by having to partner up with the young and idealistic Eugene (Paolo Briguglia, The Sicilian Girl, IFF09) an eager newbie who speaks Arabic fluently and is therefore ideal for tailing Khalid (Tunisian actor Ahmed Hafiene, The Right Distance, IFF08), who was acquitted but is still suspected of having ties with Al-Qaida. The two policemen, who initially can't stand each other, find themselves increasingly in contact with the life and habits of Khalid and begin to question themselves, should they be following him or protecting him?

Part crime drama part commedia all'Italiana, Campogiani's profound film thoughtfully examines the social and political implications of the collapse of the twin towers, and how this upheaval amplified the already dangerous notion of a "fear of others".

Director: Marco Campogiani
Italy | 2009 | 90' | e-cinema
Cast: Ennio Fantastichini, Paolo Briguglia, Ahmed Hafiene.

Debut Feature