Sorry If I Want To Marry You

Sorry If I Want To Marry You (Scusa ma ti voglio sposare)

Writer-director Federico Moccia has created a legion of followers around the world since his first novel, Three Metres Above The Sky (Tre metri sopra il cielo). He went on to write love stories Sorry If I Love You, Amore 14 and Sorry If I Want To Marry You, which became bestsellers and he directed the film versions of his novels which have become smash-hits. This has been called "the Moccia phenomenon"!

This highly anticipated sequel to the sensational box office hit Sorry If I Love You (IFF08) is a delightful comedy that continues the romance between Alex and Niki, a Festival highlight for all romantics.

Three years after Alex (Raoul Bova, Under the Tuscan Sun), a mature and successful advertising agent, and Niki (Michela Quattrociocche), now twenty, have sworn eternal love, everything is going splendidly. They live together, they're in love and everything seems just right. That is, until Niki starts moving in new social circles at university and Alex, becoming increasingly paranoid that Niki might leave him for a fellow student her own age, decides it's time to pop the question…

A domino effect of misunderstandings and miscommunications unfolds as the pressure this puts on their previously trouble-free relationship builds to boiling point. Moccia energetically directs this brilliant and funny romance, capturing Quattrociocche's disarming charisma and Bova's intensity scene after scene.

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Director: Federico Moccia
Italy | 2010 | 106' | e-cinema
Cast: Raoul Bova, Michela Quattrociocche.

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