Me, Them and Lara

Me, Them and Lara (Io, loro e Lara)

Grossing three million Euros in only two days in Italy, writer-director Carlo Verdone also stars in the screwball comedy, ME, THEM AND LARA. He plays Carlo, a dedicated missionary in Arica who suddenly yearns for the warmth and understanding of his loving family back home only to find when he returns that he is the completely ignored guest of what seems like a mad-house, not his own fondly remembered childhood home.

Carlo's father Alberto (Sergio Fiorentini) is now married to his voluptuous minder; his sister Beatrice (Anna Bonaiuto), though a psychoanalyst, seems to be completely submerged in a sea of her own imaginary problems; and their bankrupt brother Luigi (Marco Giallini) is merrily hooked on more than just the volatile stock market... A twist of fate delivers the enigmatic and seductive Lara (the radiant Laura Chiatti) into their lives triggering a series of mix-ups that the family must resolve.

Verdone's irony, humour and acting-style have, over the years, developed a cult following in Italy. This is a must-see for all Verdone fans.

Director: Carlo Verdone
Italy | 2010 | 108 | e-cinema
Cast: Carlo Verdone, Laura Chiatti, Anna Bonaiuto, Angela Finocchiaro.