Marriage And Other Disasters

Marriage And Other Disasters (Matrimoni & altri disastri)

Nina di Majo's engaging Florence-set comedy tells the story of single 40-something Nanà who runs a bookstore, lives with her cat and, despite the nagging of her well-to-do family, has no intention of finding her Prince Charming after becoming disillusioned by a great love gone bad.

Secretly though, Nana (Margherita Buy) is in love with Bauer (Mohammad Bakri), a self-centred novelist who takes advantage of her feelings to obtain small professional favours. Nanà's love life problems have given her an allergy to the very notion of matrimony and so she is shocked by her sister's absurd idea to ask Nanà to organise her wedding while she is away on a business trip which leads to an irresistible series of mishaps and plot twists!

Hilarious comedian-come-actress Luciana Littizzetto (Manual Of Love IFF05) lights up the screen as Nana's dizzy friend, and Fabio Volo is enchanting her future brother-in-law Alessandro, a genial go-getter whose playful outlook becomes increasingly intriguing.

Director: Nina di Majo
Italy | 2010 | 102' | e-cinema
Cast: Margherita Buy, Fabio Volo, Luciana Littizzetto, Francesca Inaudi