Love 14

Love 14 (Amore 14)

Writer-director Federico Moccia has created a legion of followers around the world since his first novel, Three Metres Above The Sky (Tre metri sopra il cielo). He went on to write love stories Sorry If I Love You, Amore 14 and Sorry If I Want To Marry You, which became bestsellers and he directed the film versions of his novels which have become smash-hits. This has been called "the Moccia phenomenon"!

AMORE 14, tells the story of Carolina as she faces her first love, first kiss and first broken heart at age 14.

Moccia takes us back to the time we would all like to forget: being a teenager and wanting desperately to grow up. Carolina is young, beautiful and popular, but she wants to be a woman, and she is looking for the right man to deflower her. One day in a bookshop she meets Massimiliano and her heart races but after a miscommunication she is unable to contact him…

World Distribution: Adriana Chiesa Enterprises srl Via Barnaba Oriani 24a 00197 Rome Italy

Director: Federico Moccia
Italy | 2009 | 95' | 35mm
Cast: Veronica Olivier, Beatrice Flammini, Flavia Roberto.