Draquila - Italy Trembles

Draquila - Italy Trembles (L'Italia che trema)

Italophiles and political junkies will be enthralled by documentarian and bold satirist Sabina Guzzanti's new documentary which examines the aftermath of an April 2009 earthquake that devastated the historic city of L'Aquila, the capital of Italy's wildly beautiful region of Abruzzo.

The earthquake killed more than 300 people, destroyed artworks of global importance and left the majority of the city's residents homeless. In this impassioned documentary, Guzzanti (Viva Zaperto! IFF06) alleges that the disaster was used by the government for political gain, approaching her theme in a systematic way, cleverly and humorously building her case and making good use of her background as a satirist and comedian to keep the audience engaged.

DRAQUILA was officially selected to screen at the 2010 Cannes Film Festival as a Special Screening and received a standing ovation.

Director: Sabina Guzzanti
Italy | 2010 | 94' | ecinema
Cast: Massimo Cialento, Stefania Pezzopane, Giovanni Lolli

Festival de Cannes - Official Selection- Special Screenings