Bets & Wedding Dresses

Bets & Wedding Dresses (Tris di donne & abiti nuziali)

Vincenzo Terracciano's moving drama BETS & WEDDING DRESSES stars Sergio Castellitto (The Wedding Director IFF06) in the role of a loving father who is charged with the responsibility of securing a bank loan to finance his daughter's upcoming wedding, but then cannot admit to his family that the bank has turned him down.

Franco Campanella (sensitively played by Sergio Castellitto) is a former post office worker married to German-born Josephine (Martina Gedeck, The Baader Meinhof Complex). More than anything else, Franco is a gambler and he frequents the dingiest corners of Naples to bet on horses, play poker, roulette and "zecchinetta". Despite the trouble his debts have caused over the years and the disapproval of his family, he has managed to maintain a precarious balance… until now. For the Campanella family, and in particular for Josephine, Luisa's wedding has to be perfect as it is the day of their social redemption. But Franco, desperate to make his daughter's dreams come true, can see only one path, certain that fate - this time - will be on his side…

Terracciano's sincere direction of Castellitto, who is widely regarded as one of Italy's best actors, achieves a superbly restrained and heart-felt performance.

Director: Vincenzo Terracciano
Italy | 2009 | 98' | e-cinema
Cast: Sergio Castellitto, Martina Gedeck, Paolo Briguglia

Venice Film Festival - Official Selection - Horizons